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What is Prompt Engineering in AI? A Detailed Guide


By Muhammad Hazeem Mubashar at Discovering CS

Updated: March 04, 2024      Reading Time: 30 mins

Prompt Engineering in Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the secrets of AI communication with prompt engineering! Dive into the dynamic world of crafting prompts that yield precise responses from AI models. Learn how to harness the power of language models by mastering the art and science of prompt engineering.

Explore the essential skills involved in prompt engineering, discover how to balance specificity and flexibility in your prompts, and revolutionize your interactions with AI models.

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How to deploy Flask app on Linux Ubuntu using Nginx and Gunicorn


By Abdullah Hussnain at Discovering CS

Updated: February 20, 2024      Reading Time: 15 min

How to deploy Python Flask application on Linux Ubuntu using Nginx and Gunicorn

This ultimate guide explores deploying Python Flask applications on Linux servers using Gunicorn and Nginx. Learn to harness the power of Gunicorn's efficient WSGI server with Nginx's high-performance web server and reverse proxy capabilities.

Elevate your web application's performance, scalability, and security with this comprehensive deployment strategy—unleash the full potential of your Flask app on the web!

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